HOW FAST are we moving these days? Too fast to grasp. So how do you stop time and get someone to stand still – even for just a moment – and catch that someone’s attention?

SAY IT RIGHT. The right words can do many things, but in marketing we hope that they do two: get the reader to pause and then plant a few seeds.

SEED IDEAS get us to consider new products, a new line, special offers, a better way, alternative technologies, or why we should support a given cause.

IT’S NO LONGER about Buy This or Choose That. Today it’s about common ground, collaboration and ways to initiate involvement.

IT IS FROM these first seeds that long term relationships are cultivated, turning the curious into the customer and the passerby into one who pauses, and reads.


Sierra Club
Sierra Club
Sample Ad: Judlau
Judlau Companies
Sample Ad: IVCi
Sample Ad: Strategas
Sample Ad: Family Services
Family Service
Sample Ad: Patten University
Patten University

Brochures & Direct Mail

Sample Brochure: Air Tech
Air Techniques
Sample Brochure: Globecomm
Sample Brochure: JVN
JVN Home
Sample Brochure: Sierra Club
Sierra Club
Sample Brochure: Easy Bookkeepping
Easy Bookeeper
Sample Brochure: Amba Yoga
Amba Yoga


Sample Branding: AirTech
Air Techniques
Sample Branding: Nanoprobes
Sample Branding: Judlau
Judlau Contracting