IN A WORLD that forever flashes, beeps and tweets we still bend our ears for wisdom.

WORDS MATTER. Even in our lithium and chrome age of mobile communications, shorthand texting and instant everything the power of the word is not diminished.

WHETHER A WELL CRAFTED STORY, a moving speech, a wildly funny spot, a brilliant argument, or a few powerfully constructed passages, the right words still have the power to lift, soothe, motivate, excite, and deeply delight us.

MAYBE words matter more than ever. Precisely because we are inundated with the whirrs of dazzling gadgetry and the daily kaleidoscope of screen after screen, we yearn to be heard. And to connect.

WHERE OTHER FORMS of communication tend to distract, amuse, or confirm meetings, well chosen words do something else. They elicit action. They make the better neurons fire. They coax us to get up and venture forth.

SO IF YOU have not given up on the power of the word – whether on the printed page, the softly glowing screen, or off the human tongue – and you relish action, connection, and new opportunities, feel free to read on.

And reach out.

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